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  • 信息介紹
  • SX-FX產品特點

    · 設備材質為優質304不銹鋼,符合GMP要求;

    · 容器自動定位,自動充填物料;

    · 罐、桶、瓶等包裝容器都可適用;

    · PLC觸摸屏控制系統,全中文界面,操作簡單;

    · 伺服系統計量,灌裝量和灌裝速度均可任意調節,精度高。

    · 可自動顯示包裝數量,可方便的統計出機器的工作量。


    ·      號:  SX-X-F1

    · 包裝物料:  粉末、粉類

    · 充填重量:  10-2000g

    · 稱重范圍:  1-6000g

    · 充填精度:  0.2%(不同的物料,有所變化)

    · 充填速度:  30-45包/分

    · 機頭升降:  可調

    · 高度調節:調

    ·  罩:  定制

    · 抽塵裝置:定制

    ·      源:  380/220v 50-60HZ

    · 整機功率:  2.6KW

    · 整機重量:  280kg

    · 整機體積:  3000*1060*2000mm

    · 料箱容積:75L

    SX-FX product characteristics
    The equipment is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which meets the requirements of GMP;
    Automatic positioning of containers, automatic filling of materials;
    Tanks, drums, bottles and other packaging containers are applicable;
    PLC touch screen control system, full Chinese inte***ce, *** operation;
    The servo system measurement, filling capacity and filling speed can be arbitrarily adjusted, the accuracy is high.
    It can automatically display the quantity of packaging and can easily calculate the workload of the machine.
    Performance parameters
    Type: SX-X-F1
    Packaging materials: Powder, powder
    Weight of filling: 10-2000g
    Weights range: 1-6000g
    Filling accuracy: 0.2 %(different materials, changes)
    Filling speed: 30-45 packs/minute
    Head lift: Adjustable
    Height adjustment: Adjustable
    Dust cover: custom
    Dust Extraction Device: Customized
    Power source: 380/220v50-60HZ
    Machine power: 2.6 KW
    Weight of machine: 280kg
    Whole machine volume: 3000 * 1060 * 2000mm
    Boxes volume: 75L